I’m gonna create my own multiplayer video game!

There! I said it! I am announcing it to the whole world…

I am creating a video game!!!

And I’m going ALL IN.

Like a good hooper, I’m gonna put the foot down and PIVOT….my business.

I’m going to stop growing my current marketing business and create a video game.

My marketing business is very passive and requires very little time.

So rather than keep investing and growing it, I’m going to shoot my shot bigger and go invest in making the biggest multiplayer video game of all time.

ALL my time, ALL resources, ALL the money and ALL my staff from the marketing business is going into the video game.

I have hired a whole development team to start the process.


I am putting EVERYTHING into the game.

Is it a Surprise?

I love video games. I’m an ex pro gamer. I’m successful at businesses. I’m good at marketing. I believe in myself.

So I’m thinking let’s combine this and go crush it…

I have started 3 successful businesses.

2 of these 3 businesses I have had a BIG interest in.

I think being interested is a crucial part of my success.

I gotta be able to wakeup and be super jimmy jazzed about what I’m working on.

Well, with creating the video game I WANT, how can I not be jimmy jazzed about that?

What’s the Video Game Justin???

I’m not gonna say right now…can you blame me?

In due time…